3-sides sealing bag with zipper
The 3-sides sealing bag with zipper is the simplest and most common bag type. Its style is sealed on three sides and one side is open,
Leave only one opening for users to install the product with good airtightness,
High barrier, low oxygen and moisture permeability, bright and beautiful appearance, and environmentally friendly and non-toxic.
Applied in the medical supplies industry, usually paired with zippers,
Make medical supplies safer and more hygienic.

Product Description
Bag type:
Three sided zippered bag (can be shaped differently)

Material: matte (glossy) film BOPP+CPP (PE); PET+CPP
Matte (light) film BOPP+PET+CPP (customized as needed)
Thickness: Two or three layers with a thickness of 60-140u (customized according to demand)
Performance: Good barrier performance
Scope of application: Can be used for masks, food, daily necessities packaging bags, etc